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M H F Basset Hounds

Exceptionally well bred Basset Hounds
ised in the Great Smoky Mountains
of Western North Carolina.

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MHF Blossoms Like A Dream
Sire: Miller Heritage Commodore
Dam: Henson's Daydream Believer


In September of 2012, 

MHF Basset Hounds were honored to be scouted out by a NYC based animal talent agency. It was time for Hush Puppies ® to begin shooting for their holiday 2013 advertising.   The company was earnest about hiring us, as they had fallen in love with the current litter at that time,  Hensa's litter, sired by Commodore,  Blossom, Dudley, and Bogart were the three lucky pups.  We accepted their offer, and soon we were off to Manhattan...

Blossom is on the left.  Her MHF sibling, Dudley, is on the right.

We would spend two, ten-hour days on the set with the puppies. The puppies were, by that time, ten weeks old.

I was uncertain how the puppies would behave on set. Each of the three already had their own unique personality.

Dudley started the morning out with great enthusiasm.  The photographers loved him. By lunch time, his need for all the attention had dissipated and he just wanted to nap. Bogart was sweet and reserved.  You can see Bogart in the commercial, but he was not used as heavily in the photos.

Then we had Blossom. She stole the show with her charisma and singing abilities. She had so much fun being the center of attention. Everyone involved had a smile on their face.

In this shot, she sat perfectly on the model's lap without being coerced.  To encourage her to howl we struck a few piano keys and a dozen or so of us humans began singing.  Blossom looked around the room, until she located me in the corner singing.  We made eye contact and she just watched me for a brief moment.  Then she slammed her front paws down on the piano, threw her head back, and let it fly!  Aaarrrooooooo!