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Gabby's Story

Gabby's Story - A Warning



...Gabby's owner began contradicting her own statements and revealed she was unhappy with Gabby. Weeks had gone by since she had taken Gabby, and I was very worried about what could have possibly transpired during those weeks to make Gabby such an unsuitable companion. I suppose I will never know, since the owner refused to provide the veterinary documents and trainer records. Actually, she got very defensive and rude when I asked for the records.


Gabby had been released to this companion-only home later in life (at 10 months of age) after my veterinarian had evaluated her for an unusual rear leg anomaly. She was a special case and I was disinclined to let her go since I'd never had a puppy with anything like it. After keeping her in my home for 9 months and watching her play and run with no restrictions, I decided to draft a special contract for Gabby's unique situation, that would allow her to go to a companion-only home. Since it is ill-advised to give away puppies, I settled on an adoption fee that was less than half of what her litter mates were sold for earlier in the year. A particularly exuberant woman emailed me multiple times in regards to how much she wanted to adopt Gabby. After passing on the veterinary records and the adoption contract to this person, she assured me Gabby was the perfect fit for her, and so I tried to schedule her to visit Gabby at my home on the first weekend I was available. The woman was hurried and claimed she wanted to get Gabby a week sooner, but I couldn't accommodate that because I already had other basset engagements that weekend. The woman decided to meet me en route, so she could have Gabby sooner. I should have been wary of someone so hurried, but I thought she was just an excited new Basset owner.


As it turned out, this woman had been deceiving me from the very begining. Once she got Gabby home, she was delusive and rude, and a absolutely horrible fit for Gabby. Gabby was miserable with her. I was devastated. It was the first time (and hopefully last) that I had ever needed to ask for one of my Bassets to be brought back to me. It took weeks to get the woman to agree to return her, but once again, the woman chose the day and time she would be returned. The day she was returned I was scheduled to be assisting in a long surgery at our small animal practice, and could not find anyone to take my place. The woman refused to have her returned a different day or to allow me to drive up the following weekend. I had to make arrangements for Tina, someone I trusted, to get Gabby from her transporters and then call me at work. She reported Gabby was terrified, skinny, and with complete strangers when she was returned. The repulsive owner had failed to send the requested records.

It was the most bizarre adoption I'd ever experienced.

Thank goodness for the contract, otherwise I don't know where she might have ended up.

Now Gabby is safe and very loved. I get to visit her often and her new owners keep me apprised of her leg's condition, which has yet to need any medical intervention. I've been receiving these great pics and videos from her new mom. I asked permission to share them and her owners wanted to contribute this to accompany Gabby's little movie:


"Gift of Gabby, that's what her official name is and it suits her well! Gabby went the long way around to get to us, but we believe it was meant to be. She fits right in with our family as we already have a Basset. We started out fostering Gabby for Amanda until Gabby could be assessed and Amanda could work out the issues that the first owner who surrendered her was having. We were a little hesitant because Amanda passed along the information/complaints to us so we could be aware, but it didn't take long to see that the issue wasn't Gabby. When Gabby came to our home the first evening she was definitely under weight and seemed groggy with her tail always tucked.. Maybe she was medicated for the trip back, but that is just a guess. we fed and watered Gabby and then just sat in the floor with her to let her check out her surroundings. It didn't take long for Gabby to become at ease with us but it was obvious she hadn't been getting the attention she needed as she would cringe sometimes if i moved too quickly. I can only hope she wasn't hit or abused in her previous home. Anyway, we try not to think of those things because we now have a bouncy, loveable little Gabby. Yep, not fostering anymore. She is our girl! Just one of the gang. She loves dragging my husbands work boots or gloves out to chew on when she can. yeah, she's not perfect but neither are we. My husband has a favorite lounge on our porch that he naps on occasionally, but he is usually not alone, as Gabby sits and whines until he puts her up there with him. Yes, we spoil our girls! No apologies!! Sometimes I think our pets pick us instead of the other way around."

-Tina (Gabby's forever mom)



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Gabby's Happy Ending
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