Persistently prioritizing Basset Hound health, longevity, and client education for the betterment of the breed.

M H F Basset Hounds

Exceptionally well bred Basset Hounds
ised in the Great Smoky Mountains
of Western North Carolina.

Client Comments

MHF Basset Hounds Client Testimonials

Quotes Amanda, We hope this finds you all and the Bassets well. Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Elwood. He is really settling in. We are working on the house training, which he is making good progress, as well as socializing. He loves people and dogs! Elwood still needs to grow into his feet and ears. He is a very handsome boy and draws attention anywhere he goes! Thanks so much for providing us with such a wonderful basset pup. I attached a photo at about 3 months. Best Regards, Quotes
Phil and Pam Hardin

Quotes In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I should thank you for bringing Maggie into our lives. She brings so much joy and entertainment into our house with her hilarious personality. She probably weighs about 30 lbs by now and is getting VERY long! Her ears still drag on the ground like a mop. Everyone that meets her, including our vet, says that she is the cutest dog they have ever seen, and I must say I don't disagree! I bring her to the barn with me every day while I ride my horse and she has an absolute blast! She plays with the other dogs, runs with her mouth open and her tongue flapping in the wind, rolls around in the dirt and does other things that puppies love to do.She loves belly rubs and is very needy for attention at all times. She makes very interesting grumbling noises and even snores in her sleep! Thank you for this charismatic, wrinkly bundle of joy! We love her to pieces! Quotes
Adriana Nannini and Tim Driver

Quotes Amanda, We thought you might like to have an update on "Maggie", our tricolor from Nanner's latest litter. It's been only three weeks since we picked her up from your place but it's amazing how much a part of our family she's become in such a short time. She's now ten weeks old and weighs about 16 lbs (an increase of 5 lbs since we got her!). That puppy food really packs on the pounds. It seems like she's growing every day. We've done well in house training and it's obvious that you had already started that for it to have gone so smoothly. All in all, we couldn't be happier. Thanks so much for the work you did with this litter and taking care of her for seven weeks. Quotes
Elmore Family

Quotes Dear Mrs. Miller, My name is Greg Bryant. My wife Terri and I, under the request of our daughter Blair, thought it way past time to update you on one of Daisy's (11-7-2010) females that we adopted. Blair named her Sugababe, a nickname for Blair her Grandmother called her. Sugababe arrived at our home on Christmas Day 2010 as a precious gift from Blair ,needless to say we were so surprised. Terri and I have had three Basset Hounds through our years together and they were all wonderful pets. Over the past year Sugababe has grown and matured into such a loving and fun addition to the family which consisted of two other dogs , an aging cat and a Beta fish. Terri is just foolish over Sugababe because she always makes her smile, she has traits and a personality we had never seen from our previous Bassett?s. I thought I would touch base with you on one of your own. Sincerely, Quotes
Greg, Terri, and Blair Bryant

Quotes Hi Amanda, I just want to say Thank you so much for our lil Fred. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. At the last vet visit he is almost 20lbs and the Vet has never seen a basset with such long ears. Everyone there loves him just as much as we do. We are planning our 1st family trip with him to Florida, By the way he loves riding in the car and rolling the windows down LOL..... I cant tell you how much we love him and thank you for letting us have him. Thank you and god bless!! Quotes
Kim O'Grady

Quotes Greetings Amanda and Thomas! Here are some recent images of Watson taken when he has stopped moving so fast! He is pretty much potty trained and we have not had an accident in some time (but we still don't trust him 100% yet). On our last vet visit he weighed 36 lbs. and is progressing well in all things. His canine acne has cleared up and his woof gets deeper by the week. Almost everyone in our neighborhood knows him already (even if they can't remember our names)! Beth and I hope you are both well. We must thank you once again for all you have done to bring this joy to our lives. Well, we will call it 80% joy and about 20% frustration.....! Quotes
Hugh and Beth Cardon

Quotes Amanda, Jimmy and I just wanted to say thank you so much for the sweet addition to our family. Abby is healthy and doing fine. The house training is going great ...only a couple of accidents. She sleeps all night in her crate and seems to really like it. She goes outside to big play area when we go to work. I have attached some pictures for you. We will keep you updated with pictures very often. Thanks again for our wonderful Abby. Quotes
Andrea and Jimmy Jackson

Quotes This was my first time of buying a puppy from an individual. Daisy was very well taken care of; she was and still is a very happy pet. All the questions that I have had, I've been able to ask Amanda and she has answered to the fullest extent. Amanda and I still keep in touch and I send her pictures periodically on Daisy's progress! I think it is wonderful that Amanda and Thomas want to keep in touch with the new owners of the bassets!! It was truly a pleasure working with Amanda and Thomas and I would recommend them to anyone. Quotes
Brooke Cassada

Quotes Amanda, Just wanted to let you know we named her Cherokee. She is doing great, She went for a Vet. check on Dec. 11, the Vet. said she was in good health. We are working on house training her right now, and she is doing very good. Cherokee is already spoiled. My girls are enjoying dressing her up, in little doggy outfits. My family and I just wanted to Thank You, and wish you a Very Merry Christmas! Quotes
Shelly Roberts

Quotes Sassy is a great companion and a joy to have around thanks Amanda for such a wonderful Basset Hound Quotes
Lisa Peek