Persistently prioritizing Basset Hound health, longevity, and client education for the betterment of the breed.

M H F Basset Hounds

Exceptionally well bred Basset Hounds
ised in the Great Smoky Mountains
of Western North Carolina.

Client Comments

MHF Basset Hounds Client Testimonials

Quotes I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we are all doing great! He is adorable and so easy going and well adjusted. He is a wonderful dog and you did such a great job with him. We feel blessed to have him as our new companion. We have watched him carefully while indoors, and so far he has had only one accident in the house, and that is because I was too slow to follow him. He was headed in the right direction. He goes to his crate for night time without hesitation! He rides in the car with manners. Today my friend/veterinarian gave him high marks for being a beautiful, healthy Basset and said it was obvious he had come from a good place. We are thinking January to have the neutering done. Thank you again for picking us for your precious pup! Quotes
Amy T.

Quotes Hi Amanda, Just wanted to send you a little update on our sweet boy... He is getting so big, already over 20#s and boy is he full of it. He will taking his first long (15 hr) road trip in a month. We thank you so much for giving us such a sweet and healthy baby. Good luck with all your new babies Quotes
Melissa D.

Quotes Just wanted to tell ya the Cookie monster is doing great..I'll have some pics for ya in a few are a awesome breeder! Quotes
M. Culpepper

Quotes She is so smart and such a joy! She is a lover not a fighter. I still keep her and Sir Ralph separate because at 10 months she would not defend herself. She loves him so - she pushed her toy to him under the gate last night. She often does that. Thanks for the joys of the past year. Quotes
Sara Blitchington

Quotes Dudley has met our 6 other animals. They all got along well. Our Lab was a little jealous but after some extra attention he seems to be pretty much over it. The first thing Dudley did was to chow down on the lab's dog chow. He has tried out every dog bed we own. He already thinks he owns the place! Quotes
Ed Hardwood

Quotes She was a doll the entire ride home. Stopped twice. Peed @ first stop, did both at 2nd, slept on my lap the rest of the time. She has met her new big sister Hannah and is now peacefully sleeping in her new crate. No doubt tomorrow she'll have her energy back! LOL Thanks again for sharing the trip and for selling us a puppy who already knows to roll over for belly scratches! Pre-spoiled saves me some time! LOL Take care and hope you had a good trip back home. I'll keep you posted. Quotes
C. Falconer

Quotes Huckleberry is doing fabulously! He is an absolute sweetheart! The first night he kept us up most of the night (we were up at least once an hour), but last night he was only up every 3 hours so it was much better. We visited the vet yesterday and he received an A+. Our boys and our beagle are loving the new addition too. Quotes
T. Womack

Quotes Hi Amanda, We made it back home fine. Hank slept the entire way, only woke up when we stopped for gas, etc. He has made himself right at home at his new house, he keeps us laughing every day! He's figured out that even if he only "squats" when we go outside to potty, that he gets a treat :) He goes for his checkup/shots next week, the kids love him - he's already rotten! Thanks again... Quotes
Lisa N.

Quotes I just wanted to thank you again for this sweet puppy. He is almost house trained. Love him!!! Quotes
Brandi A.

Quotes Wanted to share this with you and let you know how Bandit (aka Lil Joe) is doing. He now weighs 11lbs 6oz. The vet we are taking him to was very impressed with how well he took his shot and how good he is. He is definitely spoiled! He follows us both around and so far likes going out on the boat with us. Thanks for everything! Quotes
Rob & Michele G.