Persistently prioritizing Basset Hound health, longevity, and client education for the betterment of the breed.

M H F Basset Hounds

Exceptionally well bred Basset Hounds
ised in the Great Smoky Mountains
of Western North Carolina.

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MHF Basset Hounds
Amanda Miller - Owner

I've loved this breed since I was a little girl. 

In 2005, I began my journey in paraveterinary work and during this time, I became more interested in Basset Hound breeding.  I had two pet Bassets at that time.  I immersed myself in all things related to Basset Hound genetics, health, and reproduction.  Gradually, I brought breeding quality Bassets into my life in preparation.  A couple years later my veterinarian/employer was kind enough to mentor me through the births of my first litters.  It was a passion realized.  I knew I wanted to propagate genetically sound and healthy Basset Hounds (in a world with an abundance of unhealthy Basset Hounds and irresponsible breeders).  

My many years of working in veterinary medicine has been a great learning experience.  I've formed wonderful relationships with multiple veterinarians who understand my passion and continue to guide me when I ask for assistance.  I make an effort to keep up with the latest research pertaining to canine reproduction.  I am also pursuing my specialty in Veterinary Emergency and Critical care.

MHF Basset Hounds is not a business.  Here, raising Basset Hounds is my lifestyle.  Their needs influence every decision I make from vacations and holidays to my work as a veterinary nurse, and even the kind of car I drive.  (aka: Basset Utility Vehicle)

It all revolves around my sweet hounds.  I do not have two-legged children, so my Basset's needs are never neglected in order to care for a family.  My dogs get my full attention.  

I am dedicated to my role as a reputable breeder.  I want my contribution to be an advancement in the overall health of this wonderful, quirky, charasmatic breed.  Raising puppies responsibly requires a tremendous amount of time, education, and personal sacrifice.  I would be appalled to leave a negative legacy.   

I always appreciate the emails, calls, and testimonials from my clients.  Those are little reminders that my efforts are well-spent.  

To all who have purchased a puppy from MHF, 

or another diligent breederallow me to say 


for supporting the efforts of responsible Basset Hound breeders.


MHF Basset Hounds began as Miller Heritage Farm Basset Hounds in 2008.  We had established 

Miller Heritage Farm before I began breeding Basset Hounds, so the name came easily.

After my divorce in 2013, Miller Heritage Farm no longer existed.  

I continued on with my reputable breeding program 

as MHF Basset Hounds.  


Thank you so much for all of the wonderful advice.  It is so helpful...

He is so wonderful, we couldn't have asked for a better boy.

Lisa & David Bishop

February 2017

Everything is going great! Claude and Murphy are really adjusting well. We went to see Dr. Laura Sharbel today and she said they looked terrific. She was very impressed with you, as a breeder (as are we!), and very much appreciated your detailed records of their medications, vaccines, etc. These boys are so sweet and so cute is just not fair. We enclosed a few pictures of their 1st day with us. Thanks so much for your great care with these young fellows. Everyone at the vet's office wanted to keep them. We'll send more pics as they grow and mature and, I'm sure, have more questions for you. Thank you!

Diane & Fred Rule

March 2016

The vet was quite impressed with not only how well Baileigh's overall health and appearance was, but with your quality of medical treatment provided and your medical record keeping. The vet said Baileigh was extremely well taken care of (which we already knew), and in excellent health. 

Randy & Gail Conwell 

February 2016